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Josh Kornbluth is a comedic monologuist, operating out of the San Francisco area. He was also the co-writer, co-director, and star of Haiku Tunnel (2003)—the office comedy that seems to bridge the gap from the film, Office Space to the TV series, The Office. This past fall, Josh Kornbluth released, Ben Franklin: Unplugged: … And Other Comic Monologues on I finally had an opportunity to listen to it and was so entertained, I had to stalk—I mean hunt down—I mean talk to Josh Kornbluth about his audiobook experiences. Eaton: Can you talk about your method for developing your monologues? Kornbluth: I developed them all through improvisations. I found when …


FOR THE HELL OF IT VOL. 7 NO. 7 AUDIOBOOK NARRATION – MYTHS AND MYSTERIES By Johnny Heller So you’re wondering how you can make money, become famous and not work too hard. You hop in your car, hit play on your audiobook and go for a drive. Suddenly, it hits you—Audiobooks! Those people are famous. They probably make lots of money and all they do is read a book! Hell! That’s it! You can read out loud! You should narrate books! WooHoo! What a great car ride. Since I’ve been inundated of late with pleas from people I don’t even know about how to get into this audiobook business …


Reprinted with permission: By Any Other Nerd by Lance Eaton In the last post, I gushed an awful lot about narrators. I couldn’t help it. They have changed my life in profound ways. This week, we’ll explore a few other elements around narrators that aren’t necessarily as positive. Author as Narrator It needs to be said: most authors do not make good narrators, even when it comes to telling personal stories such as memoirs. There are definitely exceptions to the rule but usually when an author delivers a good narration, they have experience in radio or acting, thus transferring previously established skills. I root for authors as narrators but they …


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Jo Anna is busy doing narrations for Tantor Media, Gildan Media. Johnny is doing the same for Tantor, Oasis, Blackstone and others.  Watch for new release announcements!

Abbreviated Audio will soon feature more audio productions as we hope to embark a new business venture.  Hush Hush for now!

WANT TO STUDY WITH JOHNNY? Contact Edge Studios at  212-868-3343. Nationwide via skype; individual and group training in NYC.  The 4-week commercial class is full. Here’s the schedule for the next 4-week workshops:  AUDIOBOOK WORKSHOP starts Monday Sept. 14 – Monday Oct. 5.  COMMERCIAL VO WORKSHOP starts Monday, Oct. 19 – Monday, Nov. 9

All 4-week classes taught at Edge Studio in NYC and admission is through Backstage University (

APAC moves to Chicago next spring and the Johnny Heller Annual Audiobook Workshop will be in Chicago May 9.  We are looking for venues now! Last year we had 100 attendees and hope to have more this year!




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Abbreviated Audio is proud to present  The Tomb That Ruth Built  written by Troy Soos, and narrated by Johnny Heller.  A Common Mode – Abbreviated Audio production.

Mickey Rawlings is back! The Roaring Twenties: America is dancing to jazz, gangsters are selling bootleg liquor, and the New York Yankees are building a baseball dynasty. In 1923, Yankee Stadium opens and Babe Ruth is about to lead the team to its first world’s championship. But the promising season gets off to an ominous start when the body of a murdered bootlegger is found buried in the new ballpark.

The Tomb That Ruth Built is a fantastic listen. Johnny Heller is Mickey Rawlings…” – Rockinbear Reviews

“Rawlings turns double plays and solves murders with equal grace.” – Publishers Weekly